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Stainless Steel Roller manufacturer in India

In metalwork, the term cladding is the creation of a bond between dissimilar metals. A benefit of using Stainless Steel Cladding Rollers is that the end product is compact, has a finner microstructure and it tends to be free from both crack and porosity. During cladding, the pressure is elevated to such an extent that the metal will deform and there is a reduction in the combined thickness of the material undergoing a cladding operation. On the other hand, the use of a Pipe for Printing Rollers is different to that used for cladding.

Pipe for Rollerse


Generally, the pipes used to produced printing rollers are engraved or embossed to accommodate or print the design on the fabric or a piece of paper. Since printing operation is rapid, the metal used to make these Pipe For Rollers needs to be light in weight, sturdy, along with exhibiting good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance properties. The dye used for printing may contain corrosive chemicals, where prolonged use may degrade the roller, which in turn would require frequent changes. Using a suitable grade to produce a Stainless Steel Roller ensures longevity, while an exceptional performance is also guaranteed. However, in comparison to some metals, stainless steels tend to be much heavier. Hence, the use of a set of Aluminum Grooved Roller makes sense in these applications. Not only is aluminium light, but it also has good corrosion resistance properties and delivers good results.

Check price & specification of SS Cladding Rollers and Aluminum Grooved Roller

Pipe for Printing Rollers Specifications

Model 2”- 48” (50mm – 1200mm)
• Load Capacity: 1818kg
• Pipe Diameter Range:
• Weight: 64kg
• Length up to 5 mtr.
• Dia. Up to 500 mm
• Dimensions:
74cm Length, 46cm Width, 30cm Height

Different Pipe Rollers Types

Buy Steel Pipe for Printing Rollers in various sizes and grades

Automatic pipe welding roller
Automatic pipe welding roller
Self Adjustable Automatic Horizontal Pipe Welding Turning Roller
Self Adjustable Automatic Horizontal Pipe Welding Turning Roller
zinc-plated duty pipe roller
zinc-plated duty pipe roller
Self-aligning welding drive roller
Self-aligning welding drive roller
Pipe/Tank Bed Rollers for Welding
Pipe/Tank Bed Rollers for Welding
Hydraulic tilting anti drifting Turning welding rotator roller
Hydraulic tilting anti drifting Turning welding rotator roller

Pipe for Rollers Standards

  PolyPorter® Low Profile Rollers MegaMc® Rollers Pipe Stands
Combines the advantages of a dolly and a pipe stand      
One person can easily load a length of pipe without strain      
Pipe easily slides through the roller into the fusion machine    
Jack enables height of machine to be raised      
Modular design  
Keeps pipe clean and off the ground
Allows for curved pulls    
Compact storage    
Tip resistant
Minimizes drag on the pipe
Sealed ball-bearing construction
Minimizes pipe damage
Stackable for transport 52 rollers on semi trailer      
Easily lifted with chain, straps or forks      
Hydraulically-adjustable option      
1" IPS - 4" DIPS  
2" IPS - 6" DIPS  
2" IPS - 8" DIPS  
4" IPS - 12" DIPS  
6" IPS - 18" OD
6" IPS - 20" OD
8" IPS - 24" OD
12" IPS - 36" OD  
16" OD - 48" OD  
20" OD - 65" OD    

Stainless Steel Roller Features

  • Prevent Rusting on the Roller's Surface
  • High Abrassion Properties
  • To Prevent Corrosion Due to Chemicals
  • S.S Cladded Roller